Make your home more vibrant with some of the rare Paintings

Swetraj Das

Patachitra is an ancient art form originated from the eastern part of India way back in 5th century BC. It is primarily known for its intricate motifs and vibrancy. This art form has been embraced by tourists flocking to eastern part of India from different corners of the globe and of religious backgrounds, cultures and traditions. Over the years, such exclusive paintings have given a collective and fresh perspective to your walls.

In this era of globalization, Internet has played a paramount role in bring countries together, cultures together, religions together, so on and so forth. I can gift a beautiful painting with sensual personalities from opposite part of the globe to my wife. This was a dream ten years back. Because of this, people have started to learn and appreciate even the rarest of rare art form.  I am sure; these bright hand-made colors will definitely continue to attract every one’s eye-balls coming to your home.

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